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From:	Pountney, Richard P [edsrpp@exchange.shu.ac.uk]
Sent:	21 November 2011 13:08
To:	Merchant, Guy; 'j.a.davies@sheffield.ac.uk'; Burnett, Cathy; 
Subject:	RE: DEFT project - update Monday 21st Nov

Dear DeFTies

A quick update on things to keep us all in the loop.

1. Anna is sending letters today (from me on our behalf) to schools and emailing a PDF of 
this to key contacts in case they wish to raise this with school (a covering letter and a 
separate briefing) - a copy will be in the wiki

2. We have a possible venue for 8th Dec- St Paul's Hotel, central Sheffield - Anna and I  are 
checking out the facilities on this Friday (25th) but this is pencilled in for now. 2pm - anyone 
want to join us for afternoon tea?

3. The programme for 8th Dec, as discussed, at last meeting is based around 4 'expanding' 
discussions/iterations: first we meet with tutors to outline and explain what we think we are 
trying to do (Cathy and Julia to lead), then school contacts join us and this expands to include 
their understandings and needs (CB and JD lead); then lunch and informal discussions 
(getting to know each other, creative partners present); and a conversation with them about 
what they can offer and how this might work (RP/AG to lead); and finally a plenary for all 
setting milestones and activities

4. We have confirmed the afternoon of 8th Dec with creative partners (Gwyn ap Hari, Keith 
Hemsley, Richard Johnson, Phil Moore and Sue Bamford) on the following basis: they join us 
for lunch at around 12ish (tbc) and then at the afternoon session make a brief (5 minute) 
presentation about a) who they are and what they do b) what they might offer to the project 
- on the understanding that this is to be discussed with the the schools and tutors (and us) - 
in order that we shape this together - how does that sound?

Thoughts welcome - guess we continue to liaise with our contacts and we get a better 
articulation of the above by early next week to send to colleagues


From: Merchant, Guy
Sent: 09 November 2011 17:03
To: 'j.a.davies@sheffield.ac.uk'; Burnett, Cathy; a.gruszczynska@shu.ac.uk; Pountney, 
Richard P
Subject: FW: DEFT project

Hi DEFTies

I thought it might be useful to see what Julia Myers requested. She's very keen to join the 
project but needs a clear brief - so I made one up! Clearly different tutors bring different 
strengths and so I've customised this one by building on Julia's strength and interest in how 
HE pedagogy is conceptualised. I imagine that Sarah Butler will spend more time on framing 
and trialling etc etc. Does this make sense?

Guy Deft
From: Merchant, Guy
Sent: 09 November 2011 16:57
To: Myers, Julia
Subject: DEFT project

Hello Julia

It was very good to talk this lunchtime and, as promised here's some more detail about the 
project. As you know, we're trying to locate this in the English/literacy/media curriculum and 
the outputs mentioned in the attached summary should span teacher education in digital 
literacy for the age-range of compulsory schooling. To this end we are looking for 4 ITE 
tutors and that's why we're asking you. Tutors are costed at 0.05 FTE, which is roughly 
equivalent to 11 days. The department has this resource and needs to spend it this year!

Some of the tasks we have in mind are: framing the case-studies (of classroom practice); 
trialling and evaluating materials/activities; identifying readings/links etc; developing guidance 
on pedagogical approaches. You've asked for a breakdown of these, so here goes, but bear 
in mind they are still negotiable...framing = 2 days; trialling = 2 days;  readings = 2 days; 
pedagogies = 5 days. We realise that timing is a difficult issue for the tutor group and that 
there will be better and worse times of the year - again this is negotaible. However, using 
the above shorthand I think that the framing will happen Dec-Mar; trailling will happen May-
Jun; pedagogies will happen May-June/July; and realistically readings could happen at any 

I hope this helps in taking the negotiations forward....and by the way there is a 
tutor/schools/creative partners meeting scheduled for 8 December 9:30 - 4:00 pm. If you're 
onboard and can make it, that would be great. If not, I'm sure there'll be a Plan B.

Let me know how your discussions progress.

Fingers crossed!


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