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Open Textbook

Page history last edited by Richard Pountney 11 years, 8 months ago

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OT Planning and Development

This page will inform activities within the Open Textbook strand (as mapped onto "DeFT jobs" discussed at the 16 March team meeting)


Themes/ work strands

Tasks involved

Key Milestones

Persons responsible*


1.Open textbook


1.  Develop a specification for the open textbook (OT):

  • consult with project team on contents outline 
  •   liaise with technical partner 1 on phase 1 (P1) (flat website) as holding space for case studies and DL info
  • liaise with technical partner 2 (and 3?) on phase 2 (P2) (interactive open textbook) including app)


2.  Incorporate the elements into the OT including:

  • case studies (CS) and material such as rich media, children's work , reflections etc (see strand 2)
  • an overview of OER for teacher education (strand 3)
  • research briefing on DL (see also strand 4)
  • briefings on cross-cutting themes e.g. e-safety   
  • project documents, process and methodology including reflexive elements (see strand 2)
  • dissemination outputs such as briefing papers, presentations, and research papers (strands 4 and 7)

31 Mar: draft outline of OT agreed by team


30 Apr: phase 1 website live for draft CS


31 May:

P1 website updated with CS updates

Final OT structure agreed


30 Jun: P1 website update with bulk of CS material


31 Aug: P1 to P2 transfer and development. If requested, deposit material from individual CS into Jorum. 


30 Sep: OT available as 'app'


19 Oct: OT OER to JISC

RP to lead

AG to assist and liaise with Key Liaisons (KLs)


Two phases of development


Phase 1 for flat website holding teachers' case studies; and development materials.


Phase 2 interactive website will be more interactive and will incorporate visual design from Digital Bloom.

Cross-cutting DL themes such as e-safety and DL skills will be addressed in Briefings (rich media) including the development of an app (a packaged version of the OT)




Resource  Our comments 
7 things you should know about Open Textbook Publishing: a briefing sheet by Educause (March 2011)    
Open textbook from TDA-funded ITE English project http://www.ite.org.uk/index.html and an accompanying book   
Developing Online Teaching Skills (DOTS) : activities to develop teaching skills in using 10 new technologies (for language teachers but generic) created by the European Centre for Modern Languages Interesting which 10 tools it chooses. Seems mainly text based
JISC Design Studio http://jiscdesignstudio.pbworks.com - a wiki that is essentially an open textbook on curriculum design and delivery Interesting how they have made their wiki look and feel - lots of images and rollovers

Apple authoring tool - ibooks which helps create electronic materials to read on an iPad

some issues - concern with Apple buy-in; but relatively easy to produce materials in a consistent and professional format; also ability to produce materials for a wider market
7 things you should know about the evolution of the textbook: a briefing sheet by Educause (April 2012)  

Booktype - http://www.sourcefabric.org/en/booktype/

Booktype is a free, open source platform that produces books formatted for print, Amazon, iBooks and other ereaders within minutes. Create books on your own or with others via an easy-to-use web interface. Build a community around your content with social tools and use the reach of mobile, tablet and ebook technology to engage new audiences. Booktype (www.booktype.pro)

Needs testing - not sure if you can add media content etc - appears you have to download the free source and host it. Possible use as a Beta veraion of the OT


E-Books - I note that Paul Haigh of Notre Dame Teaching School has written an e-book on The New Technologies Handbook: Maximising the Power of ICT to Transform Learning http://www.optimus-education.com/new-technologies-handbook-schools-maximising-impact-ict-transform-learning-511 published by Optimus Education - this is basically a PDF with 4 Powerpoints (say no more?).

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