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Notes from 19 October core team meeting

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Digital Futures project

Notes from team meeting (19 Oct, SHU)


Richard Pountney (RP), Guy Merchant (GM), Jackie Marsh (JM), Julia Davies (JD), Cathy Burnett (CB), Anna Gruszczynska (AG)

Focus of the project

  1. AG and RP provided background to the UKOER programme and outlined project methodology developed in the context of their involvement with C-SAP OER projects
  2. Team discussed the issue of project outputs and the scope of the project to develop an open textbook on digital literacy, and a platform for this – one of the first activities of the project team (AG and project assistant) will involve a scoping exercise of existing initiatives; there could also be some teacher involvement in that exercise
  3. There is a clear message coming from the project team who want the outputs of the project to be more than a static website with resources JD emphasised it is important to make things relevant locally (with a view to their broader use). GM added that he would like the project to produce an exemplar module in response to identified need to develop digital literacy, including examples of good practice in digital literacy and with digital technology
  5. It was suggested that in terms of involvement with publishers we could be looking at existing resources and getting publisher's permission to reuse these resources
  6. CB mentioned that teachers might be reluctant to get involved in publishing/writing activities, at the same time outputs do not have to be in written format, we could be looking at audio, video
    1. We will liaise with SheffieldChildren's Festival regarding the showcase – the event takes place in the summer (Jun/July) and they start working with schools in January
    2. YHGfL  will be invited to advise us on issues related to e-safety, JD raised her concern about the mention of social networking tools in the project bid, this is also an issue of ethics and needs to be addressed; JD also mentioned two possible contacts that would be useful:

Issues related to project partners

  • ·         Julia Codman [who acts as E-safety Project Manager and SSCB E-safety Lead Office] at local authority - she is trying to get schools to open up when it comes to e-safety; she could be a close friend
  • ·         Tim Pinto – works for YHGfL, was involved in a bid together with JD
  1. UKLA is named as a partner in the bid, we are not offering them money but they have expressed their support for the project; JD and GM mentioned that the project could put together a symposium for the conference in July

Engagement with schools

  1. The team discussed shifting the balance between primary and secondary, we will probably go for a 5 secondary:5 primary split and each university will decide on 4-5 schools each
  2. RP outlined the package we are offering to schools which includes 5 days consultancy, 500 for training and 1000 for dissemination
  3. training schools may  not necessarily be cutting edge
  4. The team members raised concerns as to who we talk to - heads of schools or individuals, there are power issues; we need teachers who have particular skills and it would be best to talk to them directly
  5. JD commented on possible issues with social networks and the need for sensitivity in primary schools (see also role of creative advisers)
  6. A number of schools were suggested, the provisional list (including some potential contacts) is below:

-       Jim Hildyard at Winterhill School, Rotherham

-       Peter Winter at Monteney

-       Jenny Coats at Southey Green

-       King Ecgberts Sheffield 

-       Silverdale  

PGCE students/tutors

  1. CB mentioned that PGCE students have extremely heavy workloads and that from her previous experience it is very difficult to get them involved even if we offer incentives (at the same time, involvement in the project could be a good addition to their CVs).
  2. It was suggested that we broaden our involvement with the students to include MA students (MA In Applied Professional Studies)
  3. The team discussed possible extent of student involvement in the project, this might include:
  • ·        
  • ·         work with teachers in cascading knowledge about OERs (project team could perhaps facilitate workshops)
  • ·         contribution to case studies
  • ·         involvement with materials - evaluation, feedback, user testing

Action points

  1. RP and AG to liaise with creative advisors and clarify their involvement and organise a meeting of project partners (in liaison with core team)
  2. RP and AG in collaboration with the core team to put together a provisional list of schools (by 11th November) to approach formally as partners (mid November), the list of schools needs to be run through the partnership team
  3. RP and AG to coordinate list of tutors and associated student groups based on nominations from CB/GM (SHU) and JD/JM (TUOS)
  5. AG to set up project wiki and project website (GM enquired about the possibility of having institutional presence for the project, AG to investigate)

Other issues

  1. Team will use the forthcoming Collaboration Sheffield forum as a dissemination opportunity
  2. JM mentioned animations produced in the context of the British library project, might be an interesting avenue to explore
  3. JD mentioned a teacher’s conference TEAN?, possible dissemination opportunity
  4. Ethical issues to do with the work of the project to be discussed at next meeting
  5. Appointment of Project Assistant: RP and AG to draw up role description and meet with interested people and liaise with core team on this
  6. The team will agree Creative Commons copyright statement on the outcomes and processes of the project (possibly as ‘non-commercial, attribution, share alike’)

Date of next meeting

To be confirmed (within next 3 weeks). If not all can attend 1 representative from each university 


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