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This page will inform activities within the dissemination strand (as mapped onto "DeFT jobs" discussed at the 16 March team meeting).

See table 1 below for list of events that the team are participating in/planning to participate; please add details of any events you are participating in.


Themes/ work strands

Tasks involved

Key Milestones

Persons responsible*


7. Dissemination

1.   Coordinate dissemination activities undertaken by DeFT schools

  • Collate information about school dissemination plans
  • Identify opportunities for working in partnership with local schools/networks etc.
  • Where needed, offer logistics and admin support
  • Disseminate information about events organised by the schools via project networks
  • Capture dissemination events via project blog, Twitter, slideshare etc.

2.   Coordinate Project Conference 2nd October 2012

  • Liaise with team on scope, focus and programme
  • Liaise with YHGfL re: logistics of the conference (venue, promotional material, communication etc.)
  • Develop conference programme with YHGfL
  • Display "Digital Bloom"  (see theme 6) - TBC
  • Collate feedback from conference participants
  • Capture activity from the day

3.   Liaise with Collaboration Sheffield and any other relevant networks

  • Identify opportunities for DeFT team to disseminate project outputs regionally and nationally
  • Create opportunities at SHU and TUOS for student/staff involvement and dissemination

4.   Develop promotional materials for the project

  • Finalise visual elements for web and print material and use in project blog and social media
  • Create version 2 of project information pamphlet
  • 31 Mar: Finalise Oct 2nd conference (venue/date/programme/ keynote speakers etc)
  • 30 Apr: Confirm DeFT schools’ dissemination plans
  • 31 May: Finalise project visual identity
  • 31 Jun: finalise v.2 project pamphlet
  • 30 Jul:  Capture schools’ dissemination activities and include in OT
  • 30 Sep: Create report outlining dissemination activities of schools, involvement with local networks etc. to be incorporated into final report
  • 19 Oct:  Incorporate report from the 2nd October event into final report

AG to lead activity in schools and conference (1,2 and 4)


JM to lead on Collab Sheffield (3)

Each of the schools has been allocated £1000 pounds to organise a dissemination event to showcase outputs of their case study and involvement with the project - schools have control over how they choose to spend the money as long as it is for project dissemination purposes.


The event on 2nd October is organised jointly with YHGfL - they are responsible for sorting out arrangements, handling queries from attendees, disseminating information about the conference, assistance on the day etc. We are in charge of the shape of the event and any decisions regarding programme, issues addressed etc.


Dissemination under Collab. Sheffield includes workshops and conferences at SHU and TUOS.


Table 1. Outline of DeFT dissemination plans


Event   Location  Date   Title of presentation (plus link if available)  Name Comments
JISC innovating e-learning  Online  22-25 November 2011  Open practice across sectors  AG  this is mostly OER2 dissemination but has relevance for DeFT
SHU Faculty Forum (Quality of Teaching) SHU 12 January 2012 Open Educational Resources and quality of teaching: presentation   AG submitted abstract on 21 Nov 2011 workshop proposal.docx
Visit to Limburg Catholic University (KHLim) KHLim
20-22 March 2012 Team delivered a workshop - see slides RP, NW, AG See dedicated page on wiki about the KHLIM visit 
Cambridge/OCW 2012  Cambridge  16-18 April 2012 

Digital Futures in Teacher Education: Exploring the opportunities and challenges of creative and innovative uses of digital literacy in schools


AG submitted abstract OER2012.abstract

AG and RP submitted paper for conference publication.

See publications page for revised version we're aiming to write up.

TELIC conference Rotterdam 8-9 June 2012 Richard and Anna delivered a workshop "Exploring Open Educational Resources and digital literacy in the context of professional education" - slides RP, AG Erasmus funding 

HERSG 2012 Annual Conference


22 June 2012

Making Higher Education Count: Pedagogies for post 2012

Anna and Richard delivered two papers:

Filling in the blanks... (about UKOER1), see slides

Digital literacy frameworks (about DeFT), see slides


AG submitted abstract 

RP submitted abstract

Higher Education Academy conference University of Manchester 3-4 July 2012 Anna submitted a poster presentation - Nicky will represent the team    
ITTE conference St Anne's College, Oxford 5-7 July 2012 Richard and Anna delivered a workshop (see slides) as part of Promoting Digital Literacy Through OERs event  RP, AG  See workshop proposal 
UKLA conference University of Leicester 6-8 July 2012 Digital Futures in Teacher Education  - the DeFT project presentation
GM, JM,CB abstract accepted

University’s Learning and Teaching Conference 

SHU  11 July Open Educational Resources in the context of teacher education training
AG submitted abstract on 3 April

"Digital Bloom"


Winter Gardens, Sheffield 9-13 July 2012, with main event on 10 July 2012 Part of project dissemination strategy - the event will showcase the involvement of school pupils with the festival and will emphasise our involvement with creative aspects of DL    

HEA/SEDA Conference: Open Horizons: Sharing the future

Aston Conference Centre, Birmingham, UK
20 July 2012

RP and AG will deliver a paper “Filling in the blanks: do signature pedagogies affect the understanding and sharing of practice in the use of OERs in the Social Science curriculum?”



AG and RP will jointly deliver a session focusing on OER1 - see abstract

Regional conference organised by YHGfL Sheffield United Football Ground Stadium 2 October 2012      
11th European Conference on e-Learning - ECEL 2012 

The University of Groningen, Netherlands 

26-27 October 2012

"Digital Futures in Teacher Education" project: Exploring open approaches towards digital literacy 


abstract submitted


Post-DeFT conferences - but still relevant for dissemination!


Event   Location  Date   Title of presentation (plus link if available)  Name Comments
JISC Online Conference - Shaping the Future Online 19-23 November 2012 Invitation to contribute to activity week from JISC - to be discussed with RP    
North of England Education Conference  Sheffield  16-18 January 2012  Abstracts of 150 words - 1 September deadline     
OER2013  University of Nottingham

26 - 27 March 2013

Call for papers will be issued on 23 July; deadline will be 1 October 2012    






and if you want ideas about more conferences, see link below:

Academic calls from SHU

A list of people that we need to contact for future events 

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