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Project Methodology

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see also conversations related to 8 December meeting which begin to map out ways in which the methodology will be realised in practice: Richard and Guy's conversation re: 8 December meeting


[in this space we will outline our project methodology - everyone please comment / amend / add]


[RP - possibly something about particpative, inclusive, reflexive - and how we might realise this in our project]


Reflexive - that partners and core team (might) be encouraged to reflect and record personal meanings as project develops. Possible activities include use of social media, and Digital Storytelling (could Chris Thomson help us here? perhaps do a workshop for schools) and that the process of what we do is as (more?) important as what we output (process as output). This could be 'provoked'through reflexive questions and moments of reflection (post-it moments a la RP and GM)


Participative - that partners (might) shape the project with us, starting with their own understandings of what DL is and how it is relevant to their own DL and their own practice


Inclusive - that we (might) see boundaries as flexible and permeable, e.g. the boundaries between schools, between sectors, between individuals; and that these in-between spaces are as both praxis and of investigation.





Some Questions that arise from our (to be developed) project methodology


1. Are we pedagogical? Do we aim to develop practice? Are we making intervention? Is participation an intervention?

2. Are we critical? Do we adopt/reject (orthodox) positions on digital literacy. Does our work instantiate or substantiate DL?

3. Are we DeFt? What is a digital future and why should this include teacher education?

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