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Technical partners (redirected from Creative partners)

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This page pulls together information about technical partners (i.e. "non-school" partners) involved in the project. 


In terms of our involvement with the technical partners, we will be setting up a timetable for conversations to take place between 15-17 February so that we can come back with more information to the schools after half-term (i.e. after 20 February). 


We are working with four technical partners, listed below:


Partner  Contact details Role in the project  Communications/meetings etc.  Comments for conversations in Feb 
Learning Connections (Keith Hemsley)


Develop online space for teachers (professionally looking wiki?)

develop open textbook

Meeting scheduled for 15 February at 14:15 (Unit 6) See Learning Connections page
Sheffield Children's Festival (Richard Johnson)


 0114 273 4400

Lead on project voices installation

Manage the involvement of schools with SCF - Mundella ("Bigger Bloom" project) and Bradfield ("Camp Cardboard)

Meeting scheduled for 16 Feb at 11:00 (Cutting Edge)

See Sheffield Children's Festival page

Realsmart (Gwyn ap Harri)


TBC - provision of training for teachers? Meeting on 2 March 2012, 10:00 Cutting Edge   
Yorkshire and Humber Grid for Learning (Phil Moore)


Organise an event for teachers at the end of September

Assist with provision of resources/expertise on the issue of e-safety/e-safeguarding 

Phone  meeting scheduled for 15 Feb (13:00)  See YHGfL page 


for ideas to share with the  e team see link



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