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Notes from meeting with Guy Merchant, 11 January 2012

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Meeting with Guy on 11 January 2011

Anna and Nicky updated Guy on project progress


Re: dissemination

Anna to upload materials into Box.com related to the Hong Kong paper, we will have to rethink our approach (don’t have enough material to talk about the use of mobile devices by teachers); Guy will be able to work on the paper on Tuesday (17 Jan)

Anna and Guy will meet at the beginning of February to talk about the Belgium workshop


Re: Ethical issues

GM will read the form Monday afternoon (16 Jan) and feedback to AG and NW he also suggested contacting Lucy Shipton who is working with Guy on the Book Trust project   and has a lot of experience in handling ethics issues and knows some shortcuts, Anna and Nicky will follow up on that

Ask the schools- do they have blanket ethical approval? Some schools have so called "loco parentis" approval; we could then get pupil consent on the day

Nicky was concerned about the lack of formal ethical approval in terms of going ahead with focus groups in January; in terms of capturing the Maltby day on 25th Jan (see conversation with Sarah Butler) GM suggested using still images, we could go back to Sarah Butler for a short interview on the basis of case study we put together with her students


Re: Case studies

In terms of capturing case studies - Guy suggested that if we go for videoing, it would be good to use somebody skilled and ideally have assistance from Richard McCarter 


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