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OT Phase 2

Page history last edited by Anna Gruszczynska 11 years, 9 months ago

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Phase 2 of the Open Textbook


interactive website will be more interactive and will incorporate visual design from Digital Bloom.

Cross-cutting DL themes such as e-safety and DL skills will be addressed in Briefings (rich media) including the development of an app (a packaged version of the OT)

Some ideas for website design for phase 2 are listed  here



OT content documents
Title  Content description  File type  Date added
OT specification Specification and principles for development of OT content docx 8 Oct 2012
Case studies mapped to themes Mapping of case studies on to themes docx 8 Oct 2012
Sections mapped to OT themes Mapping of OT sections onto themes docx 8 Oct 2012
OT outline  Most up-to-date version of OT outline (9 Oct with AG revisions) docx 9 Oct 2012




OT technical specification documents
Title  Content description  File type  Date added
Conversation with Gwyn Notes from conversation with Gwyn where we discussed ideas for interactive textbook docx 8 August 2012
Sketch of OT structure Richard's sketch of interactive OT structure jpg 8 August 2012
Sketch of OT content Gwyn's sketch for OT content jpg 8 august 2012
Conversation re: OT2 Conversation with Gwyn on 17 August re: further ideas for developing the open textbook  doc 29 August 2012
Outline specification sketches Sketches by Gwyn and Dan (conversation on 3 September 2012) zip 6 Sep 2012





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