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PGCE tutors

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This page pulls together information about involvement of PGCE tutors with the project who are working with their students to develop case studies focusing on digital literacy within initial teacher training. The students also offered their views on issues related to digital literacy and Open Educational Resources through a series of focus groups.



Contact details 

Link to case study

Sarah Butler (PGCE Secondary English - SHU)   SMButler@shu.ac.uk

DL in professional practice

Julia Myers (PGCE/BA Primary English - SHU) J.Myers@shu.ac.uk

Embedding case studies of DL within practice

Mick Connell  (PGCE Secondary English - TUOS) M.J.Connell@sheffield.ac.uk

"Teaching Sheffield" project


Andrey Rosowsky (PGCE Secondary English - TUOS) a.rosowsky@Sheffield.ac.uk



OERs developed by PGCE tutors

Title Content File type Date
Online EAL activity  Page pulling together elements of the resource  pbwiki page 30 Aug 2012  
Digital Literacy activities OER Resource is currently under development  pbwiki page  30 Aug 2012  



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