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OERs for professional development

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OERs for professional development in PGCE training

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This page will inform activities within the OERs for professional strand (as mapped onto "DeFT jobs" discussed at the 16 March team meeting). This work is also informed by what is happening in our "sister" project, "Digital Literacy and Creativity".


Themes/ work strands

Tasks involved

Key Milestones

Persons responsible*


3. OERs for professional development in PGCE training

1.  Scope OERs for teacher education:

  • commission a review of existing OERs, including links to these, their categories and application (pedagogy) and include in OT (strand 1)
  • identify any gaps and advise the project / JISC on this
  • trial this resource with 4 tutors and groups




2.  Identify 2 new OERs for teacher education:

  • Liaise with the tutors in developing new OERs, including 'opening up' any existing resources
  • trial new OERs with tutors and groups and in OT 


31 Mar: OER review complete

30 Apr: PGCert Module (ITTE) outlined

31 May: Provide outline for 2 new OERs to be created

30 Jun:  2 OERs created

31 July: Trial new OERs with PGCE students, if needed, revise following feedback.  Deposit into Jorum

30 Aug: Incorporate OERs and any supporting material into the OT

RP to lead OER review and PGCert module

AG to lead on development /repurposing of OERs

OERs could be in the form of a set of principles/guidance;

AG will be responsible for internal scoping to identify relevant resources which could be repurposed/opened up

RP will coordinate any external scoping including work with 'ITTE' project


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