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Project management

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Project management

This page will inform activities within the project management strand (as mapped onto "DeFT jobs" discussed at the 16 March team meeting)


Themes/ work strands

Tasks involved

Key Milestones

Persons responsible*


8. Project management

1. Manage DeFT Project

  • Manage finances including the contracts, purchases and expenses
  • Attend JISC programme meetings
  • Report to JISC
  • Organise project team meetings
  • Maintain online presence
  • Oversee summative evaluation of project
  • Oversee development of project outputs


31 Mar: Contracts sent off to technical partners.

Schools to sign contracts sent at beginning of March

20  Apr: Interim Report to JISC

30 Aug: First version report from evaluator ready for inclusion into final report

17 Sep: Draft final report to JISC

30 Sep: Final version of summative report from evaluator

19 Oct: Final and completion report to JISC

AG with NW's support

While evaluation is an ongoing element of the project and we have an evaluator who acts as a critical friend, she will also need to produce a summative report for inclusion into final report for JISC



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