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DeFT regional conference 2 October 2012

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DeFT regional conference - 2 October

This page will pull together information about the 2 October project event which is being co-organised with YHGfL

as part of dissemination strand.


Venue: Sheffield United Football Ground

Keynote speakers: Doug Belshaw  and Bob Harrison 


We will use this Digital Bloom Meadow: password deftconf (best viewed in Chrome browser)



 DeFT conference - working order of the day - see also checklist below


Time slot


Person responsible



Catch-up with YHGfL


Meeting with YHGfL to discuss order of the day, any last-minute issues

YHGfL will handle any issues arising on the day - there will be at least three people from the team (Kelly, Stephanie and Phil).


Presenters/keynote speakers arrive


We have asked all presenters to arrive for 8:30 to check that their presentations are working, sort out any last minute glitches etc.

Chairs for sessions (GM, JD, CB and JM) to meet with presenters; NW to assist (she will be in charge of equipment for the day - we will have flipcams, edirols, ipods and ipads); there will also be a photographer in the morning; team to record short videos on flipcams throughout the day for uploading to the website later 

AG will welcome Doug (and fetch from hotel); Phil will welcome Bob


Registration and coffe

Clare Young (CY), Kelly (YHGfL)

This is when people will have a chance to sign up for morning and afternoon session, receive their wi-fi password etc. During registration, delegates will sign up to sessions (YHGfL will provide sign-up sheets).

YHGfL will set up an area where people can leave post-its. There will be a Twitter back-channel - #deft1 monitored by AG/NW throughout the day






Themes from the project




Case studies – session 1

1.Getting to Grips with Software - GM

2.Using Social Networking - CB

3.Mobile Technologies & Taking the Class Outside - JM

4.Professional Development Issues - JD

Each session is capped at 20 delegates (sign-up at registration). There will be between 2 and 4 speakers for each session (see insert document)

Chairs will also need to check any arrangements for capturing/recording - NW will be in charge of equipment for the day




YHGfL will provide an area with laptops where people will be able to Tweet, use Digital Bloom etc.


Keynote 1

Doug Belshaw (AG)







Case studies - session 2

1.Getting to Grips with Software - GM

2.Using Social Networking - CB

3.Mobile Technologies & Taking the Class Outside - JM

4.Professional Development Issues - JD



Keynote 2

Bob Harrison



Panel discussion

PM, Chris Bailey, Kate Cosgrove, Doug, Bob

Throughout the day, delegates will have a chance to leave comments on post-its (this will be set-up by YHGfL). RP will monitor Tweets from #deft1 hashtag


Closing remarks










Conference Checklist

Task  Status Notes 


  • create a briefing for whole team so everyone knows what he /she is doing and what is happening 
  • agree hashtag for event - have twitter fountain on display somewhere (needs projector and laptop and screen if we do this - perhaps it could be running in the plenary room)
  • agree signage for event and text of delegate tags
  • agree content for packs - do we include stuff from partners? material from both universities? any goodies? - what will the packs be - folders? bags? Badges - 'I am DeFT'?
  • reception - who? what?
  • setting up - what time? day before? who?
  • create and print conference booklet  
  • text for delegates (i.e. directions, where to park etc) to be sent out by  YHGfL in the last mailing
  • put paper and pens in conference packs 








Hashtag #deft1 


Setting up:  Clare Young to set up display boards with Digital Bloom

NW and CY to prepare conference folders by Monday lunchtime

- conference booklet

- DeFT pen

- paper

- DeFT leaflet

-insert with info on sessions


YHGfL to send out text for delegates by Fri morning

AG sent out reminder to teachers

On the day, team to arrive for 8 a.m. (see working order table above)


Case Study Sessions -

  • incorporate Sarah Butler in sessions (done)
  • create a Case Study Session Themes choice sheet (tables) 
  • insert this in booklets when printed.
  • Produce several A3 versions of this and put on display at conference 
  • brief JD and CB to refer to this in their themes session
  • create a briefing for Case Study presenters and check on their requirements (point out layouts - suggest we do a floorplan and again have A3 version for display)
  • appoint chairs for each session to timekeep, chair questions and help out 




JD and CB have  done draft and we have indicated this in the Conference Booklet


question from YHGfL - have you had any thoughts about how to ensure there are delegates in ALL of the sessions rather than everyone just crowding into one or two?  Might want to think about that one – are we allocating delegates to sessions prior to registration or giving them free choice?


Discussion Panel

  • agree arrangements - who, what, how
  • brief RP and AG to introduce at start of day and introduce hashtag and twitter feed
  • organise ideas and questions post-its and a post-it wall (YHGfL)
  • agree on method of recording proceedings 




Keynotes (Bob and Doug)

  • agree someone to welcome Doug and Bob on day and check they have all they need and to be first call on helping them get set up for their sessions
  • agree chairs / someone to introduce them 



AG will pick Doug up from the hotel in the morning and welcome him 

assign a member of team to each person/job

Open Textbook and Phase 1 Website (for the conference)

  • put all case study material into P1 website - liaise with Keith Hemsley
  • update front page of P1 website and embed Story of DEFT video
  • have beta version of OT with main sections and functionality 



AG will liaise with Keith 


Title  Content description  File type  Date added
Email correspondence (15 Feb) Email sent to Phil after meeting on 15 Feb doc 16 Feb 2012
Meeting agenda Agenda for 5th March meeting to discuss dissemination event doc 5 March 2012
Meeting notes Notes from meeting on 5th March with YHGFL doc 6 March 2012
Conference call notes Notes from conference call on 5 April [AG to send out agenda by 20th April!!!] doc 5 April 2012
Meeting notes Notes from conversation with YHGfLL on 24 May  doc 25 May 2012
Draft agenda First version of conference agenda doc 1 June 2012
Meeting notes Notes from phone conversation with YHGfL on 27 June 2012 doc 28 June 2012
Notes from phone meeting Notes from phone conversation with Phil Moore on 10 August docx 10 August 2012


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