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DeFT satellite partners

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This page will inform the involvement of DeFT with "satellite partners" - such as communities we might want to reach out to, potential future partners etc.


Some loose thoughts emerging from conversation with Maxine Greaves (SHU equality Unit)

- Community involvement; IT used as an inclusive engagement tool; using IT as focus to engage young people 

-CPD for staff - learning in a community setting

- Initiatives focusing on re-engaging young people who have disengaged with the curriculum; IT as a connecting thread - why is it attractive/ empowering? What do these young people understand DL to be?

- Ways in which DeFT can tap into these networks

- Possibilities of linking the 2nd October conference with some of these community initiatives?

- Involvement in any future post-DeFT projects


Relevant projects:

Making it personal (European Social Fund initiative in South Yorkshire)

From the website:

Making IT Personal: Joining the DOTs is an ambitious new scheme that is designed to tackle digital exclusion by harnessing the knowledge and experience of people who enjoy using technology and like helping friends and family.

The DOT model is all about help and encouragement wherever and whenever it’s needed. A DOT is a Digital Outreach Trainer, an informal mentor for those grappling with technology for the first time—not an expert, simply someone who is able to pass useful knowledge on and volunteers to do so.


  • Targeted Youth forum (meets 5 times/year)
  • BME forum - headed by Malcom Cumberbatch, 300 volunteer state-funded groups
  • Digital art projects (check with RP for name)
  • Reader project





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