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19 June teacher meeting

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This page will pull together information on 19 June teacher meeting where teachers from participating schools will discuss their progress on case studies.


Draft agenda


Time slot  Activities  Comments 
2:00-2:30   lunch/refreshments  and networking

AG to book refreshments 

AG/NW to introduce a "tagging" activity (along the lines of the one we had at the first meeting where people tagged themselves - we could have an update on their digital cryptonite etc.)

2:30-3:00  project update  

Update to include:

-DeFT movie

- the meadow

-feedback on reflexive moments 

3:00-4:00   Talking about the case studies - sharing experiences of the process so far  This will be based around an activity led by Richard McCarter where teachers will prepare a one-minute recording about their projects - we will be able to use these for the case studies and hopefully the meadow 
4:00-4:15 Coffee If needed people can continue working on their one minute recording and have coffee then
4:15-5:00 Talking about the case studies - technical issues

Space to share results of the activity

Space to talk re: e-safety, accessibility

5:00-5:30 Next steps for the project contributions to project dissemination events (Sheffield Children's Festival event 10th July and regional conference on 2nd October)





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