SHU PGCE case study - Embedding case studies of DL

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This page will pull together materials related to case study undertaken by Julia Myers with SHU PGCE students. The case study focuses on embedding case studies within teaching practice.



Title  Content description  File type  Date added
Meeting notes Notes from meeting with Julia on 12 January 2012 pbwiki page 1 Feb 2012
Meeting notes 
Notes from meeting with Julia on 2 May 2012 doc 
20 June 2012 
Case study outline  Julia's outline for the case study  doc  20 June 2012 
Permissions letter Letter asking PGCE students for permission to use their contributions from focus group docx 25 June 2012
List of students List of students participating in the focus group doc 25 June 2012
Focus group questions Questions for focus group participants doc 25 June 2012
focus group meeting notes on the meeting with pgce students 26 June 2012 doc 26 July 2012
Resources for Digital Literacy Powerpoint with activities related to DL within PGCE curriculum pptx 15 Aug 2012