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Digital Bloom online

Page history last edited by Anna Gruszczynska 11 years, 10 months ago


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This page pulls together information about the online version of Digital Bloom which is currently under development. See also information about Digital Bloom event which took place in Winter Gardens in July 2012.


"Digital bloom" online will be an abstract collection of digital stories which capture/reveal individual meanings of digital literacy. Users can see other people's stories and they can also add to them. Ideally, it will also function as a space where learners can submit their stories in a way which is not mediated by teachers. In this context, we are also keen of capturing the stories of young people who have been excluded from the curriculum and focus on digital practices which happen outside of school environment.

Title  Content description   File type  Date added
Draft specification - version 1.0 
 Draft specification of Digital Bloom for Gwyn (gateway, interface for submitting flowers and for exploring the meadow) doc 
1 May 2012 
Sketch of gateway Richard's  sketch of "level 1" of Digital Bloom -gateway for project participants  png 1 May 2012
Sketch of interface for submitting flowers Richard's sketch of interface for submitting flowers to Digital Bloom png 1 May 2012
Sketch of interface for exploring the meadow Richard's sketch of interface for exploring the DeFT meadow  png 1 May 2012
Nicky's comments  Nicky's comments on the Digital Bloom specification doc 1 May 2012
Draft specification - version 1.1 Draft specification revised after meeting with Gwyn on 11 May 2012 doc 11 May 2012
Conversation with Gwyn  Notes from conversation with Gwyn on 3rd August re: Digital Bloom Online  docx 8 Aug 2012


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